Saturday, March 17, 2018

Philosophy of Life

Ugadi is symbolic of life. Let’s celebrate the six tastes of life called Ugadi festival. The word “ugadi” is derived from Sanskrit word, Yuga-adi where Yuga means period and adi means beginning. It means the beginning of new life. Which means it is the last day of waning of moon and the first day of waxing of moon. This phenomenon signifies the beginning of new time. You can observe and see it is the first day of Vasant Ritu and that means it is the beginning of spring season. From this day onwards, trees and plants start shedding their leaves and new growth appears.
Thus, even nature signifies new time.

Ugadi is observed with a dish of six different tastes and flavors like tender Mangoes, Jaggery, Tamarind, Neem flowers, salt and green Chilli. It tastes  sweet, sour as well as hot. This festival symbolizes the different phases and experiences of life that every human being undergoes during the journey from cradle to grave.

Human life is a mix of different flavours similar to Ugadi “Pachadi”. This festival symbolizes that life is a mixture of unique experiences and that we should accept every variety in life throughout the New Year. It signifies that life is a mixture of happiness fear, anxiety, sadness anger and surprises.

Life without any of these emotions is incomplete. All of them come together to teach us various things, make us strong and give us the resourcefulness to face any situation. It teaches us that every shade and every phase must be dealt with in distinct ways.

So this festival is celebrated to welcome a new start in life every year with the expectations of happiness, well-being, growth and prosperity.

Happy Ugadi, folks!

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