Sunday, December 13, 2015

Balajanaagraha - Be the change you want to see

"Today's children are tomorrow's citizen"
How do they become responsible citizen? Children in the present age are running after marks and ranks; Competitive education is ruling the world with digits.
It's sad to see children are not willing to participate in community cleanliness activities such as Swachh Bharat. We wanna change this system. Children should understand the ground realities of the society. They've to strive for the development of the nation...

Janaagraha, a Bengaluru based NGO is inculcating civic sense in the rising buds through an innovative program called Balajanaagraha. It's a civic education program aimed at India's children. This is a uniquely designed citizenship education program that is aimed at empowering the children with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to develop a deep sense of ownership and responsibility towards the society.

Balajanagraha program highlights:
A team of 12 students probably from class 8th will do the following
  • Choose a road near your locality
  • Observe the road, find out the problems
  • Survey - near by residents, know their problems clearly
  • Analyse the data, come up with innovative solutions
  • Make a plan on present and future road
  • Meet the local leaders - corportaor, MLAs etc. List out the problems of the road you've chosen
  • Try to fix minor issues with your young minds.
  • Motivate people through your work.
Present your work in the civic fest, in the form of a speech or a skit or a song.
From each state every year 20 to 30 schools participate in this program.
From the state of Telangana, 22 schools has participated in Balajanaagraha program. Schools include corporate, private, public and government.
All the schools will perform in the civic fest showcasing their civic projects.
Winning team will compete at state and national level.

Mini civic fest at Pallavi Model School, Alwal

Mini civic fest at Mahabodhi Vidyalaya, Venkatapuram

City Level Civic Fest, at Pallavi Model School, Alwal

Winnig teams:
1. Pallavi Model school, Alwal
2. Gowthami Techno School, Bollarum
3. Mahabodhi Vidylaya, Venkatapuram
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