Monday, July 13, 2015

Haritha Haaram - A mass tree plantation campaign in the state of Telangana

National Forest Policy of India envisages a minimum of 33% of the total geographical area under forest / tree cover to maintain environmental stability and ecological balance; that are vital for sustenance of all life-forms, human, animal and plants.
Telangana state government have launched Haritha Haaram (green belt). A mass tree plantation program in the state of Telangana. People from all corners of the society are expected to plant more trees in the state to stretch the green belt. Schools, Colleges, Institutes, govt. and private sectors, housing societies are involved in this campaign. 
‘‘Five decades under Andhra Pradesh has destroyed our forests. It is the responsibility of the people to repair the damage through this massive afforestation campaign. Haritha Haaram cannot be successful by one Chandrasekhar Rao, it will succeed only with public participation. We have to increase forest cover for ecological balance,” Telangana CM, KCR said to the press meet in Sangareddy.
Many schools had participated in the rallies and tree plantation campaign. Our Red Cross Govt. Girls High School students have come up with appealing placards for the Haritha Haaram rally.

That's a good move by the new government. Hope this campaign will grow like a banyan tree.

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