Monday, March 30, 2015

HYSEA Annual Summit & Awards 2015

For the second time EFF has been nominated to HYSEA Awards 2015 under social impact category. It's a wonderful platform showcasing innovative designs and products.

EFF stall been attractive one, a lot of people visited us and enrolled as volunteers.

 ZenQ employees, interested in volunteering as teachers

Teach For India (TFI) fellows at EFF stall

With PurpleTalk family!

Governor, ESL.Narsimhan, addressing the HYSEA summit

To be a part of this event was a great experience, we didn't bag the award though. Met so many people from different backgrounds, learned their innovation, amazed to see the products designed by the students, it's out and out a good expo for every individual. 

Some interesting startups spotted in the event... is one of the winner under social impact category. It's a great initiative by the young lads of class X and XII.

Friday, March 20, 2015

A new take on evaluation, CCE pattern in the state of Telangana

Exams are here. Mug-up, by heart, memorize and reproduce in the exam. After all, we need good figures at the end of the academic year.Education in those days was figures in the progress card. If you get 95% marks you are the best student in the school.
I used to study the whole year day and night, and get just pass marks, where as my friends who study just a month before exams used to get excellent scores. Evaluation was merely concerned with facts delivered in the paper. Is this a right way to evaluate learning...?

The revolutionary change in the evaluation system has brought by the centre through CCE - Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation pattern. This enable the teacher to overlook all the qualities of the pupil through out the year. Starting from daily assignments, projects, oral and written tests, non-scholastic such as behavior, games, etc are counted in CCE pattern.
This is the first time for the state of Telangana implementing CCE pattern full fledged. Of course, they've come up with few more modifications in the CCE pattern.

Few highlights -
  • It's not semester model
  • 80 marks for written exam and 20 marks for internal assessment(projects, home works etc)
  • Questions are designed in such a way to test seven skills of the kid - information, communication, appreciation, aesthetic sense, application to daily life, experimentation, field investigation
  • Questions given at the end of the text book will not be seen the exam. Instead they're asked in different scenarios.
  • In evaluation, teachers should consider all the answers from students' point of view
There are so many questions arising in every nook and corner. Teachers got used to stereo type evaluation, this model will perhaps give space for bias in evaluation. Students got used to by-heart the content, they feel like out of water to answer application model questions. One should have minimum writing skills to answer an application model question. Few teachers argue, pupils of tenth standard will undergo mental trauma to digest this pattern as they got used to traditional model.

A small survey conducted in some schools, here is teachers' view on the new CCE pattern -

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