Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year is here

First of all, EFF team wishes a very happy new year to all the teachers, students, volunteers and readers! Every year begins with new hopes and wishes. It feels great to start a year with new ideas and rules set by ourselves to get succeed in our life. In other words we call ‘resolution’. New Year resolution is very much popular in all squares of the world.
As a part of new year activity, I made some students of Red Cross Govt Girls High School to speak about their ‘new year’s resolution’. Here are some interesting ones from classes 7th to 9th.
-          “I will not watch T.V. in this New Year” (are you serious!). – Sowjanyna, Class 9
-          “I will not speak bad words in this New Year.” – Ashwinin, Class 7
-          “I will speak in English with my friends at school.” – Sony, class 9
-          “I will help my mother in household chores.” – Radhika, class  7
-          “I will give water to birds on our terrace.” – Anitha, class 7
-          “I will not bite my nails.” – Shruthi, class 8
-          “I will start writing a diary.” – Bhargavi, Class 7
-          “I will not waste food.” – Yasmine, Class 8
-          “I will help the poor” (don’t know what help) – Tahniyath, class 8
-          “I will participate in the activities conducted by Ambica teacher” (is it true?)– Hamida, class 8
-          “I will not hurt people with my words when I become angry!” (is that possible?) – summaiya, class 9 

Well these are some of the notable resolutions which seem to be so easy but really challenging to practice.
One more important thing in New Year is Greetings! In this gadget world we wish each other through electronic greetings i.e., by sms or email. But wishing each other by giving a greeting card is a traditional way of wishing the New Year. As a part of New Year activity, I gave home work to prepare a greeting card for my 7th and 8th class students. On a condition – the greeting card should be prepared with used or waste things at home, no buying stuff. Within a day, these pupils have come up with innovative cards. Some of them are here –

That's a great start for the year 2014. Once again wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2014!
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