Monday, September 30, 2013

Seasonal visit with new volunteers

We, EFF team, visit our distant schools once in 3 months, to check the progress of our virtual classroom teaching. This year, the first visit was paid on 21st Sep’13. The trip was wonderful with our new set of volunteers from different backgrounds. Here is the list:
  • Sai Sudher - Sr.Software Engg.
  • Santosh  - Graphic designer
  • Basha - Works with Telecommunications
  • Azeez - Works with Telecommunications
  • Bharadwaj - Graphic desinger
  • Anupama - a BTech student
Probably, students won’t get a chance to meet people from various work fields in the school. It’s our privilege to offer guidance of these techies to the students at least once a while. The students and volunteers, gained knowledge and had fun together.
Bharadwaj, with class-7TM students. He was so attached to the students that he continued the class from morning to evening.

Sai Sudheer, interacting with 8EM students about careers guidance.

Basha, with 9EM students, engaged in a classroom activity – “What will you do if you become the C.M.?”

Santosh, with 8TM - introducing 2D art with simple cylinders, cones and circles.

Anupama, engaged in a classroom activity with 8TM. 

Sudha, teacher, with 6EM students; giving rating for their speaking skills.

Me with 6TM students; pupils giving a speech on self introduction!

The students of 6th std are lagging too far behind in comprehending English. It’s obvious, they are from vernacular medium. We make our teaching child-centered which enhance their speaking skills in English. I am sure that these students will pick up English communication by the end of the year.

 EFF team conveys a big THANKS to all the volunteers for spending their valuable time and sharing knowledge with the students.

TM – Telugu medium
EM – English medium
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