Thursday, January 10, 2013

Read India

What do you present a kid on his/her birthday? A doll, a playing kit, an automated toy etc. If you ask me, I would definitely suggest books as the best option to gift. Indeed, the competitions or quizzes we organize on behalf of EFF, we prefer to gift books rather than items or trophies since we have observed pupils in the rural as well as in urban areas are largely unable to afford books apart from those prescribed in their academic courses.
Reading is the best way to acquire a language. Students from underprivileged and middle classes in our country are distributed free text books by the government of India. Therefore, they have access to their text books. We have many students in the nation who crave to read more. Unfortunately, many schools have no libraries and those which do have them lack good collections of attractive books. On the other hand, modernization and access to information on the internet has adversely affected the importance of libraries both in rural and urban areas. Then how can we quench the thirst of reading in students belong to economically backward classes?

 To develop reading skills in students a NGO named ‘Pratham books’ has come forward with a noble cause – ‘a book in every child’s hand’.

About Pratham Books:

At Pratham Books, we believe that every child has the right to enjoy good books.  And we believe they should have stories set in surroundings familiar to them and in a language close to their culture. We believe that to make books accessible to every child, the price points have to be very low. Pratham Books is a brand of story books as Indian as the children who read them. As a not-for-profit publisher, our dream is to see a country where every child wants to read, is able to read, and has something good to read.
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some cover pages of the online books

Thank you Pratham Books : )
We EFF team are grateful to Pratham books, who gave us access to their online titles. The books are nicely designed with attractive illustrations that will appeal to any age group. Simple language, fewer lines in paragraphs, good story line and great quality slides which draw the students interest. Currently, we’re using online story slides converting it to ppt to show in the virtual classroom. Vernacular medium students found it very easy to read with fascinating pictures. The stories depict the typical Indian family background and culture. 

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