Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A school on the foot path

It seems strange when we hear about schools on the footpaths; but there are some schools running successfully this way, educating the kids of poor families. One such school is ‘Alpha school’, located near Jubilee Hills. The school caters to the underprivileged children with primary school education for free of cost. Parents of these children work as maids in the nearby bungalows and some work as laborers at construction sites.
The school has no pucca roof but a small shed on the footpath to shelter the kids from sun and rain.

The school emerged from the thought of a woman, Ms.Shoba Rani. The school is running successfully with good number of students and teachers for 12 long years.

An age old saying, “Helping hands are better than praying lips”; truly implemented by Ms.Shoba Rani. Daily we pass by so many kids on the roadside, feel pity for them or blame the government, but hardly think of any instant solution. This is a live example to solve things in possible ways…  


Apitha Iyer said...

Hello ,
I have been wanting to meet the person running this school. I live near this school and have been teaching underprivileged kids in this area. I help them after school to do their homework and explain their lessons. So I hope my criticism would be taken in the right spirit. The teachers in the alpha school are not well educated nor trained. one of the teacher's kid comes to my after school classes . I have stopped taking classes for alpha school kids as they have not been taught the basics at all. Its a herculean task to correct the mistakes of the teachers and then teach these poor kids .In the name of providing education they are being taken for a ride. I admire the noble thought of educating these children but shouldn't giving them good education be a priority. These kids need teaching which is not being provided by this school. Employing people who are themselves illiterate is really disappointing. The children are being made to pay a minimal amount to come to school and also have to cough up money for after school tuition in which the paper is given to the kids before the tests. I wish Mrs shobha Rani would supervise the school better. All they do in that school is writing pages after pages without understanding anything.I wish well meaning citizens would realise that good teachers are the need of the hour and not uniforms,slippers and bags

Anonymous said...

I pass by this school everyday. Few people from our office decided to help this school. We are still evaluating whether is the school really providing any good education?Will it be worth donating textbooks, notebooks, uniforms etc. to this school?

Anonymous said...

I live on road #31, and am looking for a school at walk-able distance from here for my maid's daughter as she has a health issue.I found this school on road #22. After reading these posts, I am wondering if the child should be sent there. Can you suggest some school between road #10 and Road #36 jubilee hills for this kid. Or is there some way we can help this school.

kiran said...


Very interesting, any one can please provide more details about the school, so I can teach the children at early morning times and Saturdays. Because I know the pain of poor teaching facility. If you didn't get the correct direction/guidance in your early age, I know it will effect the entire career.
If you know the details please let me know.

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