Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The soul is healed by being with children – an English proverb

Children are akin to buds sprouting from branches. When they blossom into flowers, their scent and colours will help us enjoy the entire world-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Well said by the first prime minister of India...as an honour we celebrate his [Nehru’s] birthday as Children’s day. He was fond of children and was known as ‘chacha’ (Uncle) Nehru among them. 
On 14th November we celebrate Children’s day in every school throughout India. Children’s day was one of the favourite celebrations in my school life. Teachers used to entertain us in many ways, they used to dance, sing, play skits etc. Hilarious TV ad ‘all-out’ was released in those days, where the machine eats away all the mosquitoes like a frog. We rolled on the floor laughing when our strict Hindi teacher acted like ‘all-out’ machine eating all the mosquitoes. That was really unforgettable. School memories rejuvenate us all the time. 
Children's day celebrations @Red cross Government Girls’ High school, Hyderabad.
On the event of children’s day, Lions Club organized some competitions and distributed prizes to the winners.
The cute little angels from primary-performing a dance in front of the chief guests

A devotional song, performed by high school students.
They are upper primary students, was performing ‘Pankida’ dance with sticks. Though they are too small to handle the sticks, their coordination and timing was impeccable throughout the song. I must learn from them for next Navarathri ; -)
Fancy dress competition: A traditional Kashmiri girl

 Miss Goa
Gujrathi girls

The day concluded with refreshments. 

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