Monday, October 31, 2011

EFF Virtual Classroom reaches Gandeed (Andhra Pradesh)

Education For Free Virtual Classroom got deployed over the weekend at Gandeed Zilla Parishad High School for boys (four hours drive from Hyderabad). We have been working on this for sometime now and we are very happy that the boys will now have access to a lot of good educational materials including videos on various topics or even get to see how a chemical reaction works--they've never even heard of a laboratory.  We are very grateful to the school for the support we have had and the enthusiasm they have shown for the new way of learning. Real teachers only wishes for the good of the students and the joined effort we believe, will make a difference in the lives of these boys.

Over the past few months we have trained Mr. Upender (computer teacher of the school) to operate the application in the school and will also be the coordinator between the school and the EFF teachers.

We don't have a lot of people working full time on this but it has never been a hindrance because we've always had people coming forward to help us--in different ways.

We would like to thank the amazing boys from PurpleTalk who spent every other weekend testing the application, making trips to the village and finally installing the equipments--drilling holes on the walls and ceiling isn't really every body's cup of tea on a weekend. But our volunteers from PurpleTalk would rather help some students get a better education than perhaps catching a movie or go dancing. 

Or maybe there was dancing here ;) work+fun=perfect life.
The guys in the pictures are just a few and there were a lot of them who spent every free hour helping us. And though you are not in the frame, you are in our hearts! Cheesy line? :) What can we say? You guys are simply the best.

Ambica Ayla our coordinator and teacher is the one with the extra energy and passion--with her everything is possible including getting a BSNL connection that works like magic in a remote Indian village. She along with the PurpleTalk volunteers also repaired a leaking roof in one of the school buildings but that's for another day. I will post soon with lots of pictures.

We are just giddy on our new school and can't wait to bond with the little boys over some fun videos and some English learning exercises to begin with.

Mid Day Lunch (Free Lunch provided by the Government)

We will surely come back with updates on our progress.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amongla, glad to note the progress made by EFF in reaching out to remote corners of AP. Any plans for Tamil Nadu? Best regards, Prince

books said...

Good work! Just wanted to know any recent updates from your organization.

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