Monday, August 11, 2008

Students from India do the 'disappearing act' in USA

Four school children from Doaba Public Senior Secondary School, Garhshankar Punjab, while on a trip to USA to attend the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) rocket project went “missing”. This would normally be a cause for grave worry for the families concerned, but the parents of the 'missing' students stated that:
I don't know how this happened. But from my relatives, I have come to know that my son is in California” and that “he had no idea about his son's plans to stay back in the US.”
So looks like the disappearance was well-planned and carried out carefully, with the participation of parents and relatives settled in US.
We have heard of similar “missing’ stories but even school children resorting to this illegal act makes me want to scream out loud! Certainly, there are plenty of great opportunities for people outside of India, but it makes no sense to jeopardize one’s life and also sacrifice dignity and self-respect in the process.
Come to think of it, students who were picked to participate in a high profile NASA project are probably the best students in the school. Isn’t it a matter of extreme concern when our best students resort to such extreme and desperate measures? Also, it can’t do a lot of good for students who’ve been “left behind”. They probably looked up to these four students, who have now sent a clear message that they have little regard for the school, or for the country.
Most of all, these youngsters will now remain illegal immigrants for a long time, if not for good. Getting a permanent residency will be practically impossible, and by the time they are caught and deported, they will have lost a precious academic year at the school they abandoned.
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mekie said...

It is incredible (and highly amusing) that the students did the disappearing act while their teacher got married!! All I can say is wow!

Among said...

@ makhala

And people are least bothered. It is indeed very sad!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that a teacher was involved in it. And for the parents part. How can they even imagine separating their young child from them.

The child may have no idea of all the difficult situation that he/she may have to go through.

I think here we are witnessing some selfish adults misleading our younger maybe innocent/smart kids.

The government need to punish the responsible people. So no one would dare an act like this.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

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