Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Red ribbons and plaits

I conducted the first unit test today despite resistance from some of the students. Everyone hates exams, including my students! so I decided to treat them with some photos and a video. They were so pleased with the idea that they actually started waving and smiling ...I had to literally force them to 'pretend' to be writing. Take a look...
40 girls in total, but only 33 were present today.

One of my favorite students. She proudly showed me her mehendi (the print on her hand) She must have done for the festival yesterday.

I love the way the girls wear their hair. Everyone of them neatly plaits her hair and tie it up with those red ribbons. It's a part of the school uniform. It seems elder sisters and moms help with the styling.

I did the writing on the blackboard and surprisingly not many of them have problems reading it. I consider that as an achievement :)

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Anonymous said...

Not bad for a government school, your class can be an early adopter of EFF technology


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